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"Minnesota's foremost teaching and performing string quartet, Artaria Quartet is likely to give eloquent voice to whatever work it tackles.” 
— Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press


“The precision of execution was striking.

It gave the excellent Artaria String Quartet a chance to do some beautifully keen, precise, self-possessed playing.

Bartok's Fifth was sure, eager, and understanding.”— Richard Buell, Boston Globe


“The Artaria impressed as a technically accomplished and stylistically adaptable group. Their Haydn

was full and robust.They functioned as a smooth, well-integrated ensemble

and were excellent in sound and technical capacity.”
— Robert Finn, Cleveland Plain Dealer


“Nationally acclaimed, Artaria performed with exquisite refinement.
Their technical skills cannot be overstated.”

— Carol Winfield, Newport Express

“There was not so much as a sigh throughout Wolfe Recital Hall. 
It’s the sort of moment
chamber music audiences live for.”
— Ron George, Corpus Christi Caller-Times

“Thoughtful and exacting...ultimately convincing.” — Wetzlar, Germany

“The sound of the quartet is warm and rich, the phrasings distinctive and expressive,

and there is that 'speaking' quality in their playing which is so indispensable for a truly fine performance. 

They are ready to claim their place among the best of the many excellent quartets of our day.”
— Eugene Lehner, Kolisch Quartet

“BRILLIANCE ON DISPLAY - -  The Artaria String Quartet communicated with superb skill, warmth and energy.

Their sound was intimate and compelling, pure and elegant...a luxurious catch.”
— Terry Rindfleisch, La Crosse Tribune

“They are musically outstanding.  I recommend them very highly.”
— Alexander Schneider, Budapest Quartet


"What a stunning performance, quieting me to appreciation

for such music and such glorious talent"
— Audience Member


“An exceptional ensemble with impressive confidence in its interpretations." — Pioneer Press


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